We provide 24/7 heavy duty wrecker service! Our fleet exceeds capability of what you’d normally expect from a 24-hour wrecker company. With multiple large capacity wreckers ready to assist you in transporting your truck after accidents and breakdowns. Equipped to perform even the most precarious heavy duty recovery jobs, we’re Westfield, Indiana’s heavy duty emergency responders!

Our team of operators are trained professionals who take their duties seriously. Expect them to know what they’re doing, and to quickly find reliable solutions when the answers are not so clear. Rely on Paddack’s Wrecker Service 24/7/365 to provide fast and reliable emergency towing and recovery. Our team of tested professionals always steps up to the challenge, no matter how large!

Paddack’s Heavy Transport

Paddack’s provides heavy duty towing and recovery, and if you need heavy transport, visit our sister company online at the link below! Paddack’s can transport your heavy duty equipment to and from the job site, move several vehicles or pieces of equipment at one time, and safely transport long distances throughout Indiana. Our equipment is state of the art and capable of transporting, lifting or recovering the heaviest, loaded cement mixer safely and promptly. If you would like us to perform a heavy duty towing job, complete an entire fleet transport or more, do not hesitate to contact Paddack’s Wrecker Service.

Paddack's Heavy Transport


As a gear head, I have had the unfortunate pleasure of employing several different towing companies over the years, and I can say my experience with Paddack was hands down the best. They were extremely accommodating and timely, and my driver Daniel was super friendly and took great care of my car. God willing, this is the last time I need a tow for a while, but if I need one again I'm definitely calling these guys.

Highly recommeneded..they are fast and friendly...Samantha was great assisting me over the phone..They Sent Daryn and he showed up pretty the job professionally done..back on the road again..Thanks Daryn and Paddock Towing

Paddack's Wrecker Service towed my van today to the dealership. The service was timely and management was very responsive when I brought up a concern about my vehicle. They took the time to see my vehicle in person at the dealership and determined to my satisfaction that there was no issues with my van. I would hire again for sure!